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Neoballet is a dance company that fuses ballet with the pop culture. We are here to reflect the times, innovate, and open the world to the community appealing to younger audiences.

More than often the ballet world is an elitist one and we want to break away from that. It is very important to us to adapt to the current times, fuse dance with the technological world we live in, and have a positive impact in people’s lives. For this third season we will be working with servo motors, media gadgets, and will venture into the world of interactive media.

We are here to break boundaries and ballet current, innovative and why not, cool! You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter where we post about the company’s whereabouts every day.


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Maria Clara Irisarri

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I was born in Argentina and began dancing at the age of five. During my time in Argentina I danced for many companies such as the Ballet Neoclasico de Buenos Aires, Ruben Chayan Company, and Raul Gatto, where I danced all the popular classical and neo-classical ballets.

At the age of 20 I came to Europe where my career took a commercial turn. I continued to dance classical and contemporary pieces, but also worked with artists like Madonna, Beyonce, Paloma Faith, Tinie Tempah, Luke James, amongst others.

Apart from London, I lived in other cities like New York, Dublin and Barcelona, giving me the opportunity to experience the industry from different sides and cultural settings. Neoballet was born from a strong choreographic desire I carried since little, but more importantly to change the game of what dancers and dancing can become. During my career and having worked with people from different industries, I have come to realise the advantages that being a classical dancer in everyday life, but also the struggles that the ballet world faces to stay alive. I’ve created Neoballet to innovate and bring ballet to the masses.


Maria Clara Irisarri

Founder and Director

Denzil Bailey

Ballet Master

Lidia Huerta