Secret Garden Party

One of the best festivals in the UK. We performed for the Artful Badger, Black Cat Bar and Oddball Theatre.

The Secret Garden Party is an annual independent arts and music festival which takes place in Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon. We performed for the Artful Badger, Black Cat Bar and Oddball Theatre! Performing at SGP has been one of a kind experience for the company.

SGP pushed us a performers to a whole new level. First of all we were camping, so sleeping in the grass and having to perform during three days was definitely a challenge.



Clara was invited to go on a tour to the Freed of London shoemaking factory, where she saw the real craft of making pointe shoes. As a dancer herself, Clara was surprised at first by the people who crafted the shoes. Since pointe shoes are such a delicate piece in the ballet world it seems normal to have expected women making the pointe shoes but instead: "There are made by mostly men putting a lot of strength into making the shoes, to prepare, shape and cut them", this are Clara's words to Prescott and Mackay's Blog interview. Besides that, it is also remarkable to say that the passion the workers put into this craft also surprised our Director and she instantly felt even more connected to pointe shoes than already was before. "It is always hard to let them go. Now it will be even harder." She explains. To read the full article from Prescott and Mackay's blog see here:....



"I really wanted to bring some spice to the ballet scene. It was time to let Neo out" -Maria Clara Irisarri.

Maria Clara met up with Ruper Danreuther, joint editor at To Do List for a fun interview. There two talked about Neoballet's origins, upcoming show, life!, Neoballlet's favourite moments, Clara's favourite secret places to go to in London and also cheap things to do there. Oh! and she even revealed a little secret!

Fun article to read, check it out here: LINK



Neoballet's production Life! was reviewed by Fault Magazine. Here are some of the things mentioned on this article about our show. "‘To inspire and innovate’. It would seem that this was their principal goal, and with the present production they have certainly succeeded", this is the opening of the review written by FREYA SHAH in which it demonstrates the innovation accomplished by the production.

The article describes our show and its highlights, like the music, the mixed choreograph between neoclassical to tribal movements, the spellbound on the audience and the remarkable costumes and lighting. This article is very descriptive of our première show Life!, read it in full here! L I N K



¨I have to confess that when I was reading about your company I pictured you as being much older, but considering you started at such a young age, it makes sense that by now you have a promising company.¨ These are the starting words of Laura Vila during a deep interview understanding all the reasons behind Neoballet´s particular work and also Maria Clara´s, founder and director, sense of leadership to have taken a ride into the dancing business with her own company. Maria Clara explains how her passion for Ballet started and how she began her journey through the ballet world leading her to start her own company. Along this interview you'll be able to understand the roots of Neoballet, the spice behind its show Life! and what is required to become a dancer at Neoballet! Take a look on this written journey that will make you understand why Neoballet is one of its kind!



“If we don’t all make it onstage in time, someone can just do fouetté turns!”

This is the positivity that characterises the choreographer and also creator of Neoballet, Maria Clara Irisarri, while explaining the upcoming show Life! to Laura Dodge during an interview for Dance Musings. This interview is an open door to have a peak look at how the show is going to be, three acts encapsulating birth, life and death with film interludes in between dance and music segments. Exploring “a rollercoaster of emotions” through the eyes of a young girl . Real life experiences like love, betrayal and coming to age. The show also presents death in a realistic way, the reality of keep moving forward, showing that life goes on.

Neoballet had the pleasure to spend a rehearsal with Laura Dodge, and she has wrote the following article with the first hand experience. Read it to have a closer look at "Life!".